Get a grip on your contingent workforce.

Software solutions that help you optimise and facilitate sourcing, contracting and managing your organisation's contingent workforce.

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CE Job Board

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The CE Job Board is a new, standardized version of our CE Marketplace. By buying credits, you will be allowed to launch your requests to fill in your vacancies. Go check it out!


The Connecting-Expertise VMS is an integrated software solution, developed on a secure and cloud-based infrastructure. Thanks to this platform, you will get more grip on the entire Contingent Workforce process. All steps of the hiring process are automated: from recruitment and contract management to tracking and invoicing.

CE Marketplace

The CE Marketplace is an online platform which connects organizations in search of Contingent Workers with employment agencies, service firms and freelancers.

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Procurement manager - bpost

"Connecting-Expertise provides us with an ideal solution to reduce our supplier base while avoiding rate increases."

Manager General IT Support Services - ING

"Connecting-Expertise provides us with a single sourcing and performance management tool while providing access to their Marketplace for benchmarking and finding scarce resources"

Prime Minister - Flemish Government

"With the complicated rules of public procurement and procedures, it’s much more efficient to work with reusable framework contracts, available for everyone. This is also more transparent for the candidate suppliers. Add a radical digital method to that, and you get an electronic marketplace with hundreds of clients and suppliers."


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